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Yantra Images

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Author: Gautam Chatterjee
Dilip Kumar/
Foreword/Introduction: Gautam Chatterjee/Dilip Kumar
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 87
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186117075


Religion is the root of Indian culture. Rituals and believes are the integral part of Hindu Religion. It becomes more powerful when a devotee develops reverence into it.

Fundamentally a society, which has faith in religion, believes in their own deities or gods and goddesses and pay their homage to them. Apart from ritual commodities, mantras and its chanting, Yantras or Mandalas play a special and important role in ritual ceremony. It is considered that if mantras are devatas (deities) then Yantras are the abode of them. Without Yantras, the ritual of deities remains incomplete.

In order to attain perfection in worship, it is suggested that Puja with Yantras of their related deities is more beneficial.

This book comprises of Yantras used for all major gods, goddesses and deities accomplished with meaningful colour and geometrical composition.



Methods of Yantra Rituals
Agnipujana Yantra
Apaduddharaka Batuka Yantra
Astaksari Krsna Yantra
Astaksari Vishnu Yantra
Bagalamukhi Stambhana Yantra
Bagalamukhi Yantra
Bagesvari Yantra
Bala Dharana Yantra
Bandhi Yantra
Bhuvanesvari Yantra
Brhaspati Yantra
Chinnamasta Yantra
Daksinamurti Yantra
Dasaksari Sarsvati Yantra
Dhumavati Yantra
Divya Stambhana Yantra
Durbhagyanasaka Bija Yantra
Durga Yantra
Dvadasaksari Hanumat Yantra
Dvadasaksari Hanumat Kalpa Yantra
Ekaksari Laksmi Yantra
Garuda Yantra
Gayatri Yantra
Haridra Ganesa Yantra
Janan Yantra
Jyestha Laksmi Yantra
Kamala Yantra
Kartaviryarjuna Yantra
Ksetrapala Yantra
Laksmi Pradayaka Mahasiddha Yantra
Laksmi Vinayaka Yantra
Mahakali Yantra
Mahamrtyunjaya Yantra
Mangala Yantra
Marana Yantra
Matangi Yantra
Nrisimha Yantra
Pancaksari Siva Yantra
Sadaksari Chandra Yantra
Sadaksari Rama Mantra Pryogavara Yantra
Santana Gopala Yantra
Santikarana Yantra
Sarvatra Jaiprada Yantra
Sukra Yantra
Shyama Yantra
Sodasi Yantra
Sri Candi Yantra
Sri Yantra (Unveiled)
Sri Yantra (Unveiled)
Sri Yantra (Unveiled)
Sri Yantra (Unveiled)
Sumukhi Yantra
Surya Yantra
Svarnakarsana Bhairav Yantra
Tara Yantra
Trailokya Mohana Yantra
Tripura Bhairavi yantra
Uccatana Yantra
Ucchissta Ganapati navarna Yantra
Varaha Yantra
Vasikarana Yantra
Vidvesana Yantra
Vira Sadhana Yantra
Visalaksmi Yantra