Children's Ramayana and Panchatantra

Children's Ramayana and Panchatantra

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Author: Mathuram Bhoothalingam
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 106
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123006284/8123006306


This set of 2 illustrated books narrates the epics of Ramayana and Panchatantra in an easy to understand language for young children.

The Sage Valmiki was the author of this long classic poem, the first of its kind in Sanskrit literature. Some historians that he lived in the second century B.C. His early life is said to have been worldly, perhaps wicked. But, with enlightenment, he turned to a life of meditation. Legend has it that it was by divine inspiration that he set down for posterity the story of Rama, the ideal king.

As in all epics, the story is built round a core of historical truth. The civic, ethical and philosophical values of ancient Indian civilization are expressed in imaginative verse. To this day, it has retained its universal appeal and a unique hold on the people of India.

Rama has been accepted as an incarnation of the Supreme Being. Only his divinity can explain many of the miracles in the story. But Valmiki treats him essentially as a man and a prince.


1.The two birds
2.Rama is Born
3.The Four Brother
4.A King becomes a rishi
5.The Winning of Sita
6.The Vishnu Bow
7.Kaikeyi’s Two wishes
8.Rama Leaves Ayodhya
9.AT Chitrakuta
10.Bharata’s Search for Rama
11.the Coming of Surpanakha
12.Sita and the Golden Deer
13.Rama’s Sorrow
14.Sugriva’s Friendship
15.Rama’s Ring
16.Lanka is Burnt
17.Vibhishana, the Friend in Need
18.Lakshmana and Indrajit
19.Death of Ravana
20.Bharata Finds Rama

1. The Legend of the Panchatantra Stories
2. The Sad End of Suchimukhi
3. The Story of the Silly Tortoise
4. The Crow that Killed the Serpent
5. The Story of the Crane and the Crab
6. Natuka and Lakshmana
7. The Lion and the Rabbit
8. A Lazy Man’s Dream
9. Five Friends
10. The Monkey and the Crocodile
11. Emperor Sivi