Jain Desi Khana

Jain Desi Khana

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 102
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978818949121


Well aware of the health and spiritual benefits of Jain cooking and recognizing it for the treasure trove that it is, I have tried, in this book, to present a collection of traditional Jain recipes as well as other famous recipes adapted to the Jain way of cooking.

For each of you, Jain cooking can be a revelation. You’ii realise as you cook that it is indeed possible to cook delicious meals even without using ingredients like potatoes, onions and garlic, which we otherwise take for granted!

If you have invited Jain friends over to dinner, if the elders at home are specific about having Jain meals, or if you yourself are a Jain cooking enthusiast, then this book will be a good addition to your library.

Day in and day out I get queries from many troubled housewives and anxious young chefs as to what Jain food really is, and about how to cook it? Even those who have ordering Jain food instead of Asian vegetarian meals on flights, admit that they don’t really know what Jain food is.

Many think that Jain food is simply vegetarian food cooked without certain root vegetables. Only a handful of people actually know that cooking Jain food involves complying with many, many more rules. In this book I have tried my best to stick to all the Jain cooking principles, enabling people to prepare authentic and healthy Indian Jain food for their families and friends.

My research team and I, after several rounds of trial and error, have succeeded in converting even certain traditional garlic-onion based recipes into Jain dishes. We have presented recipes like Malabari Curry, Dal Makhani, Paneer Tikka Masala, Spicy Chole and Samosa Kadhi Chaat which are usually loaded with ginger-garlic and onion past, in a sans onion and garlic version, thereby adding them to the repertoire of Jain food recipes.

So, if you have Jain friends coming over for dinner or in-laws are very particular about their Jain meals, then this is the book for you.

I have also compiled a book with Jain International recipes, dedicated especially to my dear Jain cooking enthusiasts, who often have trouble transforming their favorite International recipes according to the Jain standards.


Samosa Kadhi Chaat
Papad Paneer ke Kurkure
Crunchy Raw Banana Cutlets
Chana Dal Seekh Kebabs
Moong Dal Khandvi
Vegetable Cup Cakes with Coconut Sauce
Spicy Moongdal Waffles
Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls
Capsicum Rings

Quick Paneer Subzi
Spicy Chole
Cucumber Chana Dal
Mango Sasav
Peas and Raw Banana Subzi
Vatana Makai nu Shaak
Kacche Kele ki Errisery
French Beans Foogath
Cabbage Foogath

Vegetable Makhanwala
Doodhi Kofta Curry
Hariyali Makai Stuffed Padwal
Chettinad Curry
Malabari Curry
Hariyali Makai Curry
Paneer tikka Masala
Amritsari Gobi Mutter

Sindhi Kadhi
Dal Pinni
Panchmel Dal
Dal Makhani
Dapka Kadhi

Vegetable Biryani
Tendli Bhaat
Achari Paneer Pulao
Avial Rice
Rice and Curry in Banana leaves
Chitrana Rice

Toasted Methi Rotis
Spicy Urad Dal Puris
Cabbage and Paneer Parathas
Coriander Rotis
Stuffed Cauliflower Puris
Nariyal ki Meethi Roti

Green Chutney
Tomato Sauce
Green Sauce
Red Chilli Sauce