Vayu  Puran

Vayu Puran

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Author: B B Paliwal
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812881589X


Puranas occupy a place of prominence as classics of devotion among significant granthas dealing with the current of Indian life and thought. Pauranic literature is a perennial treasure of Indian life and philosophy. You get here many stories dealing with the high and low of human life. Moving from Karma-kand to knowledge, after delving deep in thoughts and philosophy, Indian mind let a flood of devotion pour out.

In this process of evolutionary thought, from multdeityism to an explanation of form of the attributelesss Brahma, slowly Indian mind advanced towards incarnations and devotion to god in form. Stories related to sin and piety, dharma and a-dharma, action and undesirable action have been told in eighteen Puranas, keeping certain gods and goddesses at the center.

In the present day of style, a study of the Puranas may point to discretion to man to free him from conflict and make successful attempts at creating meaningful human values. Keeping this aim in view, this book Vayu Puran is presented to the readers in a simple, readable language as a link in the chain of Pauranic literature.


The Significance of Shri Vayu Purana
The Description of the Rishi who worshipped Purana
Extension of Yoga Grandeur
Description of Arrangement Repentence for Yatis
Characteristics of Omkara
Introduction of Bhrigu Dynasty
Description of God’s Dynasty
Description of the Extension of Dynasty of Swayambhuv
Extension of Karnika
Description of the Beauty of Indra
Detailed Description of Island
Description of the Moon
Description of the Moon
Description of the Famous Planets of Gods
Prayer of Neekanth
Description of Four Yugas
Description of the Dynasty of Chakshus Manu
The Origin of Devganas created by Vishnu and highly resplendent Asitya Ganas
Description of the Form and Nature of Demons
Description of 7 Ganas of Gods and Wise Pitars
Description of Varun Dynasty
Description of the Extension of Creation by Sons of Manu
The Story of King Sagar
Description of Chandra Dynasty
The Story of Kans
Description of the Synasty of King Puru
The Origin of creation and its Extension