Padma  Purana

Padma Purana

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Author: Vinay
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 115
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128817485


The Puranas are very important times for the Indian thought stream. They not only reveal the past history, ethos and values but also act as beacon to lighten man’s future. These constitute an important source for revelation of seers, sages and great souls of yore. These explore the growth of Indian thoughts, which gradually shifted from the pure rituals of the Vedic era to pure metaphysics by the dawn of Upanishads.

Padma literally means a flower of lotus. Padma Purana discusses the origin of earth and the world as achieved by Brahma, the Creator. He was born in the form of lotus (He originated from the lotus emanating through the navel of lord Vishnu). The treatise had been appropriately titled Padma-Purana. Among the Puranas edited and reviewed by sage Vedavyas, it occupies the second place from the importance and the number of quatrains.


A. Srishti Khana
1. Dialogue: Bhishma and Pulastya
2. Lakshmi’s Origin
3. (a) Solar
(b) Lunar Dynasty
4. Brihaspati’s hoodwink
5. Pushkar, the holy Teerth
6. Saraseati becomes Nanda
7. Worst Pain and Best Donation
8. The Tale of Teerth Nag (Nag-Teerth)
9. The Birth of Mahishasura
10. Vishnu, as boar (incarnation) slays Hiranyaksha
11. Slaying of Hiranyakashyapu

B. Bhoomi Khanda
1. Dialogue: Soma Sharma and Vasishtha
2. Vena’s Story
3. The Story of Yayati

C. Swarga Khanda
D. Brahma Khanda
E. Patal Khanda
F. Uttara Khanda
1. Ekadashi Fast and Modes of Worship
2. The Importance of Taking Bath
3. Avatars of Lord Vishnu
4. Srimad Bhagwadgita Cantos
5. Raja Dilip and Nadini Cow
6. Different Forms of Super Gods
7. Kriya Yoga Saar (Essence of Human Actions)