Matsya  Purana

Matsya Purana

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Author: Vinay
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 94
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788128812255


The Puranas are generally important from the religious point of view. However, they bear good deal of relevance to historical, cultural and geographical realities of life. They are, in fact, the mythological interpretations of what the great Vedas teach us. They not only reveal the past history, ethos and values but also pave the way for the Gen Next. Of the eighteen Puranas, the Matsya Purana is numbered sixteenth.

A medium sized text, the Matsya Purana falls into the category of Tamasik Purana. It is devoted to Lord Vishnu, whose incarnation as a Matsya (a very big fish) has been described in this. The text majorly is based on the Smriti contents and elaborates various aspects of rites, vows, bath etc. apart from containing stories of the mythological Sati.


1. Manu and the Fish Incarnation
2. The Solar Dynasty (Surya-Vansha)
3. The origin of the Lunar Dynasty
4. Sati’s Self-Immolation
5. Puru’s gift of his youth to his Father Yayati
6. Kucha & Devayani
7. The fight between Shukracharya and Brihaspati
8. Ten important Fasts and Vratas
9. The Planets and their Worship
10. The Destruction of Tripura
11. Time-Division and related Definitions
12. The Special Features of the Yuga
13. Vsjraanga And Tarakasura
14. Parvati becomes Gauri
15. Nrisinha slays Hiranyalashyapa
16. Savitri: The Faithful Wife
17. Vamana And Bali
18. The Boar and the Tortoise Incarnations
19. The norms of Architecture and Donations
20. The norms of the Ideal Conduct For a King, the Penal Codes and the omens