A Blind Man's Map of Mumbai

A Blind Man's Map of Mumbai

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Author: Vivek Tandon
Publisher: Scholastic
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 351
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8184771290


An enthralling adventure set in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

The recovery of a diamond-encrusted gold box from the Mughal era draws together a blind street musician, a schoolboy and a young policeman. But what the box is reputed to have contained is even more valuable, and there are dark forces that will stop at nothing to recover it.

Disturbing contemporary problems and secrets from the past surface as the unlikely allies grapple with a mystery that gets as twisted and murky as Mumbai’s by-lanes. A world-famous art dealer, his snooty daughter, an influential MLA and an astrologer join a cast of characters as diverse as the denizens of the city. And as events spiral towards a stunning climax, you will wish that this thrilling adventure would never end.


Author’s Note

The Shabby Gold Box
The Snow Queen
Running Homeward
The Secret of the Golden Box
The World-famous Art Dealer
An Exciting Discovery in a Garbage Box
The Late-Night Knock
Lord Krishna to the Rescue!
The Distrustful Daughter
The Man on Top of the Human Pyramid
Escape from the Subedaar
Akash Ganga
Ayah’s Surprise
The Spies in Two Houses
The Story of Stanley’s Father
Box E-52, Jer Mahal
The Bashful Thug
The Feast of Warm Memories
The Ancient Love Letter
An Outburst at the Towers of Silence
Panic at the Prince of Wales
The Flight of Screwvala
The Elephant’s Kennel
The Man in the Egg-shaped Cell
The Turning of Scherezade
The Princess of Forgeries
Father and Daughter
The Secret of the Taj Letter
The Great Mumbai Flood
Anu and Sunita

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