Imperialism : From the colonial age to the present

Imperialism : From the colonial age to the present

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Author: Harry Magdoff
Publisher: Aakar Books
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 279
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789350020081


This volume contains a series of essays aimed at illuminating from a Marxist point of view the theory, history, and roots of imperialism – ranging from the period of Western Europe’s global expansion associated with the Industrial Revolution to the era of the multinational corporation, and from the days of colonialism to modern imperialism without colonies.

This work covers the history of European global expansion from 1763 to the 1776s, and discusses the leading theories of imperialism such as those of Hobson, Lenin, and Schumpeter. Also included are Magdoff’s answers to his critics, specifically concerning causal interconnections between capitalism and imperialism and the “necessity” or imperialism.



1. European Expansion Since 1763
2. Imperialist Expansion: Accident and Design
3. Imperialism: A Historical Survey

Theory and the Third World
4. Imperialism Without Colonies
5. Economics Myths and Imperialism
6. The Multinational Corporation and Development – A Contradiction?
7. Militarism and Imperialism
8. The Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on Underdeveloped Countries.
9. Capital, Technology, and Development

Reply to Critics
10. Is Imperialism Really Necessary?
11. How to make a Molehill Out of a Mountain.