Utpal Dutt  -  Father of Comedy  (Album of  4 DVDs in Hindi with English subtitles

Utpal Dutt - Father of Comedy (Album of 4 DVDs in Hindi with English subtitles

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Author: Utpal Dutt
Ashok Kumar/Sanjeev Kumar
Director/Composer/Narrator: Basu Chatterjee/ Debika Mitra
Publisher: Eagle Video
Year: 2009
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): EDVD-S 3322



Choudhry, Jagdishbhai, and Inder Sen are old friends in their early sixties, but believe they are in still in their forties. While Choudhry lives with his wife, Sita, Inder is widowed, and Jagdish is divorced. Their weakness is smoking, alcohol, and women. While they are able to satisfy they need for the first two vices, they are unable to openly indulge with women to their hearts’ content while in Bombay. When Sita decides to take a religious pilgrimage, the three decide to travel out of town, and have fun with women. They hire a car driver named Sakharam, who takes them to Goa, and once there, he drives them to a night-club, which has a dancer and singer named Anita. All three friends find Anita gorgeous, and would love to be intimate with her. They plan to individually spend time with her, but Murphy’s Law prevails with hilarious results.

STARCAST: Sanjeev Kumar, Utpal Dutt, Farooq Shaikh, Anita Raj, Anjali Sen, Pinchoo Kapoor, Dinesh Hingoo, Javed Khan & Raj Bharti
PRODUCED BY – Basu Chatterjee
DIRECTED BY – Basu Chatterjee
MUSIC BY – Manas Mukharjee
GENRE – Comedy/Drama


Sandeep Anand is a wealthy industrialist. He runs an organization, and falls in love with one of his employees named Geeta, who comes from a lower middle class family, and wants to marry a man in the same class. Sandeep convinces her that been lying to then, they have him arrested for impersonation. When Sandeep convinces the police that he is indeed the real Sandeep Anand, he is released. When Sandeep attempts to woo Geeta back, she will have nothing to do with him, as he lied to her. Sandeep will now have to prove his love for Geeta all over again.

STARCAST: Utpal Dutt, Subbiraj, Ashok Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Rati Agnihotri, Javed Khan & JaiShree T.
PRODUCED BY – Basu Chatterjee
DIRECTED BY – Basu Chatterjee
MUSIC BY – Bappi Lahiri
DURATION – 135 Min
GENRE – Comedy/Drama


Rosie Perreira is an overly anxious widow, living with her guitar-obsessed son, Sabhi, and a lovely daughter, Nancy, who she would like to a get married to a wealthy young man. Her helpful neighbor, Tom, introduces a young eligible Tony Braganza to Nancy in the 9:10 AM Western Railway local train from Bandra to Churchgate. Tom also asks Nancy to introduce Tony to Rosie, which she does. Rosie is initially apprehensive about him as he only drawing a mere Rs. 300/ compared to Nancy’s Rs.700/-, but soon changes her mind when she finds out that after his probationary period he will draw a monthly pay of Rs.1000/-, Nancy and Tom are permitted to meet and both eventually fall in love. While Nancy wants to follow her mother’s directions and get married, Tony is hesitant, and this is what costs him Nancy’s love, as she starts to feel that he will not come through with the marriage. And soon Rosie starts looking elsewhere for a son-in-law, while Tony is still reluctant to make any commitments.

STARCAST: Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, Utpal Dutt, Asrani, David, Leela Mishra, Mazhar Khan & Tun Tun.
PRODUCED BY – Basu Chatterjee
DIRECTED BY – Basu Chatterjee
MUSIC BY – Rajesh Roshan
DURATION – 113 Min
GENRE – Comedy/Drama


Freelance photographer, Alok Prakash, while photographing women hockey players in action, is hit by the puck, loses his senses and his hospitalized. His brother-in-law, a lawyer by the name of Prem Sagar, decides to capitalize on this accident, and to sue Alok’s employer for a large sum of money, so that they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives. He explains his plan to Alok, and asks the rest of the family also to go on with this charade – with hilarious results – that will change their lives forever.

STARCAST: Ashok Kumar, A.K. Hungal, Utpal Dutt, Mithun Chaktaborty, Rati Agnihotri & Jaishree T
PRODUCED BY – Basu Chatterjee
DIRECTED BY – Basu Chatterjee
MUSIC BY – R D Burman
DURATION – 135 Min
GENRE – Comedy/Drama


Subtitles: English
Language : Hindi
Format : NTSC - All region
Sound: 5.I Dolby Digital
Genre : Comedy/Drama