Begum Akhtar Sings Ghalib     (Music CD)

Begum Akhtar Sings Ghalib (Music CD)

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Author: Begum Akhtar
Publisher: EMI Music
Year: 2007
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 00946 395681 2 3


“Mallika –E-Ghazal”, is the label that befits the amazing Begum Akhtar, who has left behind a void in the world of ghazal singing that remains to be filled after her sudden demise in 1974. No male or female ghazal singer has taken the art of ghazal singing to the soaring heights that the Begum did with effortless charm.

Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, is know for everything that is ideal in a poet. He lives on in his poignant works with his pin-point accuracy about the vagaries of life, his take on the philosophy of life and his amazing ability to endure personal tragedies with utmost grace and ease.

For loves of the ghazal, there is a point where everything stands frozen in time and, all that is left is the sheer ecstasy of the ghazal performance and the performers. Begum Akhtar, the Queen of Ghazal singing & Mirza Ghalib, the ultimate wordsmith of the Urdu Ghazal reach out to stir your emotions with this memorable ghazal album “Begum Akhtar Sings Ghalib”, a musical milestone featuring 8 timeless Ghalib gems including the likes of Aah Ko Chahiye, Dil Hi To Hai, Phir Mujhe Deeda-E-Tar Yaad Aaya, Dard Mat Kash Dawa; the album reaches the zenith of kalaam (written content) and gayaki (singing) making it a “fantasy-come-true”, collectors item for the ghazal lover.

This Music CD carries following Tracks:

1. Aah Ko Chahiye
2. Dard Mat Kash Dawa
3. Taskeen Ko Hum Na Royen Ranaiyan
4. Zikar Us Pari Parivesh Ka
5. Dil Hi To Hai
6. Phir Mujhe Deeda-E-Tar Yaad Aaya
7. Koi Umeed Bar Naheen Aati
8. Dayam Para Hua