Freedom from the Self  - Talk 3     (DVD in English)

Freedom from the Self - Talk 3 (DVD in English)

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Author: J Krishnamurti
Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This series of four talks given in Brockwood Park in 1983 serves as an excellent introduction to Krishnamurti’s teaching, especially for those not previously acquainted with it. Krishnamurti’s statements here are simple and direct and cover all the aspects of life that he generally touched upon in his talks and writings – chaos in the world, conflict between human beings and within oneself, the limitation of knowledge and thought, the burden of fear, the universality of sorrow, the mystery of death, the meaning of meditation, and the search for something beyond the measure of man.

Krishnamurti points out in this talk that thought is a material process and, therefore, limited. This self-centred activity is very small. The self is the whole content of your consciousness. Inquire into the nature of fear, not the various forms of fear. Time, thought, knowledge – that movement may be the cause of fear. Do you see time – though as something separate from yourself, do you realize that you are that? If you are that, all action ceases. You are all so eager to act; but you have to watch the whole thing without any sense of doing something. Then what is sorrow? The objects of sorrow may vary, but sorrow is sorrow. If you realize that sorrow is not your sorrow, then personal sorrow becomes a very small affair.


Duration: 1hr 10 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Audio: English, French, German, Russian
Format : NTSC colour