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Author: Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 61
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788131007419


The word ‘Neem’ is derived form the Sanskrit Nimba which means to bestow health –Which signifies the great therapeutic value of this plant. All parts of Neem plants have medicinal properties and used extremely in Indian traditional systems of medicine. Neem oil is endowed with many medicinal properties and there are many Neem oil based traditional preparations used for pesticides, fungicides and also for treating many human diseases.

The ancient Indians thus believed that Neem is destroyer of all diseases and provide then with excellent health and prosperity including mosquito repellent. Perhaps of this strong faith in Neem promoted them to plant Neem in the courtyard of houses, in public places and on road sides, It is also custom in India to spread Neem leaves on around the bed of the chicken pox patients and after recovery the patients are given their first bath in a water which is preboiled with Neem leaves. It is believed that this will prevent from spreading the chicken pox and also hasten the healing of the pox marks and also protect the skin.

In this book subjects covered to its full. We try our best to cover every aspect of Neem, its medicinal and industrial use along with home remedies.


Neem – Introduction
Neem Tree Components
Neem herb – System Purifier
Neem uses & Benefits
Neem Leaves
Neem Seeds & Kernels
Neem Fruits & Gums
Neem Bark
Neem Roots & Twigs
Uses of Neem Oil
Beaming Health with Neem
Tips on using Neem
Specific Benefits of Neem
Neem Products
Additional uses of Neem
Economic Potential & Industrial Uses
Neem fruit Collection and Depulping
For protecting stored Grains
Neem and Environment
Neem as animal Feed
Health Benefits with herbal Tips