Foretelling Widowhood

Foretelling Widowhood

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Author: Mridula Trivedi
T Prakash Trivedi/
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 481
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120832237


Foretelling Widowhood is the fruit of research work carried out by us during the last two decades. A work of predictive astrology, it amalgamates a plethora of principles enshrined in various classical texts and practical study of birth charts of those who have been unfortunate enough to suffer the immeasurable grief and plight of untimely widowhood.

Untimely widowhood is the biggest tragedy that can befall a woman and is irreversible. In olden days, widowhood in general and untimely widowhood in particular was considered an unpardonable sin and a woman had to commit Sati that is to mount the pyre of her late husband. Was not this inhuman? Women would be ever grateful to Raja Ram Mohan Rai whose untiring efforts led to rooting out of this obnoxious practice.

A common belief among masses, as also amongst self-styled astrologers, is that mangali females or those females having kuja dosa in their birth charts are predisposed to suffer widowhood. We would like to humbly opine that this belief is only partially correct. It is not certain that females having kuja dosa will essentially undergo the miseries of marital disaster such as widowhood.

Many females, who suffered untimely widowhood, were not mangali either from ascendant, or from Moon or from Venus. This is definitely a wrong concept that widowhood will curse only a mangali female. In fact, much is not known about the kuja dosa and its actual effect.



Chapter 1
Planetary Dimensions and Zodiac

Chapter 2
Essentials of Astrology

Chapter 3
Early Widowhood: An Astrological Exploration

Chapter 4
Timing Widowhood

Chapter 5
Widowhood and Misconceptions about Jupiter

Chapter 6
Akhanda Saubhagya Yoga for Females

Chapter 7
Birth in Jyestha Naksatra and Marital Disaster

Chapter 8
Determinants of Death of wife

Chapter 9
Remedies for Marital Maladies and Widowhood