The Far Shore : Vipassana, The Practice of Insight

The Far Shore : Vipassana, The Practice of Insight

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Author: Mitchell Ginsberg
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120813489


We have all had glimpses from the far shore, where with openness we experience and are fully in touch with ourselves. From the far shore we see with honesty, clarity, and true acceptance.

The Far Shore offers reflections on this experience in everyday life, and is addressed to all who are drawn to the path of awareness and compassion.


Far Shore is a precise, simple and clear practical book on the development of non-judgmental, choice less and insightful awareness which leads to the complete evolution of consciousness.
- DHIRAVAMSA, Author of Turning to the Source

These essays, like letters from a wise spiritual friend, emphasize the respect and kindness that are central to the heart’s spiritual awakening.
- JACK KORNFIELD, Author of A Path with Heart

To Vipassana practice, certainly different approaches are possible and desirable; and certainly yours of ‘‘soft Vipassana’’ can be helpful and effective. Those who are helped by it, may then feel encouraged to take up a stricter regimen.
- NYANAPONIKA MAHATHERA, Forest Hermitage, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Contemplation articulated, insight and concern expressed, it is as though getting in touch with a place within our own minds.
- THE VENERABLE TENZIN KACHOE, President of the Thubten Dhargye Ling Center (U.S.A.)

It is indeed a remarkable contribution for those on the path of awakening and a good book for those who keep abreast of the Vipassana technique and its application in daily life.
- AJIT R. TELANG, ‘Dilip’ Vol : 27, No. 4, Oct-Dec., 2001



To Ms. Kitty
Vipassana in Munich
Pick one technique and stick to it
All paths
The far shore’s under your feet
Spiritual development
Love and respect
The discourse on freedom through good companionship
The flower
Your anger
I See no limits
Active patience
Making war on ego
We want not to see
Posing dilemmas
Emptiness for the distracted mind
Mind clouds
The desire for freedom
Vipassana shmipassana
Do what teaches
Where’s the love in vipassana?
Growth through love
Spiritual relationship
Shiva friendship
Troubles in relationship
Liberating relationship, spiritual love, parasamgate
I Love You
Heart-felt thinking
Anger and ill-will
Living through fear
From fear to open friendship
We’re angry
The passionate Buddhist
Death-canal life-throws
The heart pulls us on
The stingy heart
Soft are your ways
Physical love
Memory in the present
The past
The mouse
Books for further reading
Buddhist meditation centers