Guru Gobind Singh : Light of the Universe

Guru Gobind Singh : Light of the Universe

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Author: Joginder Singh
Publisher: Unistar
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 151
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189899694


The book contains number of descriptions of modem society, a visionary, a saint soldier, a tolerant warrior, an upholder of secularism and as an awakener of destiny. Guru Gobind Singh has been a Saint-Poet-Warrior during the last three decades of 18th century as well as the first decade of 19th century. He awakened the Hindu Society from the drowsiness of religious superstitions and prepared it to fight for its rights against the barbaric rule of Aurangzeb.

It also discusses Guru Gobind Singh's mission, his contribution to Indian history, his relations with his Muslim devotees, his struggle for secularism, his struggle against the Mughals and his religious philosophy.


Important Events Connected with the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Brief Introduction

Khalsa Panth: A Unique Blend of Asceticism and Valour
Some Important Features of Sikh Way of Life

Guru Gobind Singh: Saviour of Humanity
Glimpses of Guru Gobind Singh’s Mission
Guru Gobind Singh: The Saint Soldier
Guru Gobind Singh’s Contribution to Indian History
Guru Gobind Singh: Architect of Modern Society
Guru Gobind Singh: The Visionary
A Saint- Soldier: Guru Gobind Singh
The Voice of the Keshgarh
Muslim Devotees of Guru Gobind Singh
Guru Gobind Singh
The Tolerant Warrior
Guru Gobind Singh: His Struggle for Secularism
Guru Gobind Singh’s Struggle with the Mughals
Guru Gobind Singh’s Heroic Conception of The Divine
The Miracle of the Sword
The Master’s Touch
Guru Gobind Singh: Upholder of Secularism
Message of Guru Gobind Singh
The Awakener of Destiny
Religious Philosophy of Guru Gobind Singh
Life & Teachings of Guru Gobind Singh
Concept of the Khalsa