Mysteries - Ancient & Modern

Mysteries - Ancient & Modern

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Author: Sai Grafio
Publisher: New Dawn
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120720040


This book demonstrates remarkable parallels between Eastern and Western traditions of philosophy and religion. The author has culled these sacred truths from some of the world's scriptures.

Nature does not reveal her secrets very easily. There is a veil that is dropped between spirit and matter which even the most ardent scrutiny cannot penetrate. There are more questions than there are answers, and certitude often varies from one authority to another. The ancients have mapped the highways of religion, science and philosophy, yet modern man must somehow integrate ancient text into modern life. Even after profound revelation, it is often difficult to transmit the gnosis to others in a comprehensive way.

We are moving into a new dispensation where thought and feeling will have greater manifestation than before. Thought, will and feeling will have to be united. The mysteries of life are going to be revealed and truth will become more evident.

Mysteries - Past, present, and Future - can be known by knowledge of one's self or Atma. Atma Vidya or knowledge of one's self is Brahma Vidya or knowledge of God.

The beginning never was and the end will never be. Where does that put us? The answer is now. We always remain in the Now - the Eternal Now. Every moment is now, every day is now, every year is now and every aeon is now.

One can transcend the relative world of cause and effect by practicing Karma Yoga; that is;, doing one's duty in the world and surrendering the fruits thereof. It is important to remember that we are not the doer. God is the indweller who performs all actions through us.



The Self
The Father
The son
The Mother
The Son
The Mother
The Ascension
The Law of One
The Law of Three
The Law of Seven
Twilight of the Gods
Dreams : The Fabric of the Universe
Magic of the Seventh Order
Saturn : Grim Reaper or Teacher ?
The Trans-Saturnian Planets : Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Who is Sai Baba?
Talking to God
Life is the Battlefield
The Mystery of Waves
The Mystery of Spirals
The Mystery of Zero
I am Brahman
Glossary of Terms