English Language Learning Programme   (Book + CD)

English Language Learning Programme (Book + CD)

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Author: Star Parivar
Publisher: Prakash Books
Year: 2009
Language: multilingual
Pages: 435
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172343026


This bilingual book seeks to impart instructions in learning English through Hindi. With a CD, it is an ideal guide to gain good understanding of the language.


1. Greetings and Introduction
2. Manners and Etiquettes
3. Some Basic Everyday Phrases
4. Family and Relationships
5. Sentences of Command and Order
6. Conversation related to Hobbies and Sports
7. Conversation of Encouragement and Affection
8. Foods and Family Meals
9. Driving and Directions
10. Conversation while Shopping
11. Office Conversations
12. Instruction and Permissions to Office Staff
13. Conversation in the Bank and Post Office
14. Conversing with School Authorities
15. Party related Conversations
16. Talks and Enquiries related to Arranged Marriages
17. Talking about Careers
18. Job Interview
19. Conversation at Cinemas and Restaurants
20. Conversation on Festivals
21. Sentences of Invitations, Casual Meeting and Partings
22. Expressing Gratitude, Congratulations & Good Wishes
23. Travel: Helpful tips and useful conversations
24. Conversing with a Taxi Driver
25. Useful Holiday Phrases
26. Conversation with a Doctor or at a Hospital
27. Talking to a Property Dealer or Agent for Renting or Buying a Property
28. Positive and Negative Sentences
29. Writing Official Letter
30. Writing Personal Letter
31. Writing Job Applications and Resumes
32. Idioms and Phrases
33. Learn your Alphabets
34. Learning your Pronunciation
35. Learn about Numbers, Colours and Shapes
36. Learn about Animals
37. Learn Nature Words
38. Learn about Human Body Parts
39. Learn about Countries and Nationalities
40. Learn about Year, Months, Days and Time
41. Learn about Weather and Seasons
42. Vocabulary