Folk Tales of Kashmir

Folk Tales of Kashmir

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Author: J N Ganhar
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 99
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812301340X


Kashmir is rich in folklore, especially folk tales. Here is a bouquet from the latter. These tales, old and not so old, have been told and retold countless number of times, and still continue to be relished by the people of the vally, young and old. They constitute, in a very real sense, the literature of the people, as folk tales are usually described.

Like folk tales elsewhere, the folk tales of Kashmir reflect the people’s beliefs and traditions, customs and superstitions, preferences and prejudices in all their rich variety.

People, from the hoary past, have used the fascinating medium of story-telling to pass on the wisdom and experience of life from generation to generation. This is equally true about Kashmir and some of the stories have morals or lessons to convey, besides entertainment.


1. The Feast of Shiraz
2. Robbers Robbed
3. Devil Outwitted
4. Maharaja Outwitted
5. God Outwitted
6. Wise Crow
7. Sagacious Governor
8. Clever Parrot
9. Why the Fish Laughed
10. Benevolent King and the Monster
11. Shabrang
12. Intelligent Princess
13. Petty Thefts lead to Bigger ones
14. Brahman and Three Blind Men
15. Treacherous Wazir
16. Mahadev
17. Sharaf the Thief
18. Magic Ring
19. Hayat band and Zohra Khotan
20. Wicked Priest
21. Heemal Nagrai
22. Akanandun