Yog For Obesity        (DVD in English + Hindi + Gujarati + Bengali )

Yog For Obesity (DVD in English + Hindi + Gujarati + Bengali )

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Author: Swami Ramdev
Acharya Balkrishan/
Publisher: Divya Video
Year: 2008
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): DYS 15


Pranayam, Asan, Acupressure and Age old traditional methods of treatment are the most reliable ways to reduce obesity and get rid of the problems originating from obesity like cardiac malfunctioning, diabetes, joint pain, lumbar pain & depression.

-Approx 100 Crores of people are suffering from obesity out of which 20% to 40% are Youngsters and 10% to 20% are children. Obesity by any reasons like heredity thyroid or due to westernized food habits & carbonated drinks can be checked & controlled by the tested methods depicted in this DVD

-More than 25 Crores of people have been benefited by the techniques illustrated in this DVD

-By regular practice of the methods prescribed in this DVD not only one will be able to shed the extra kilos, the reduces weight will not be regained which will result in the increased self-confidence.


Duration: 244 Minutes
Language : English, Hindi, Gujarati & Bengali