Art of Being in - the - World :  A Meditative way of life through Nature

Art of Being in - the - World : A Meditative way of life through Nature

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Author: Sijo Chungath
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 131
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184650099


The art of being-in-the world fundamentally consists in building 'right relationships' between our inner and outer realities. It is a meditative way of life by realizing our inter-connectedness with the Divine, with ourselves, and with each other.

When we consider our lives as a pursuit for the actualization of a 'higher self', our existence on this earth gets meaning and purpose. Through this book, the author has made a venture to analyze the traits and inner dispositions needed for such an authentic way of life, in three sections: Awareness, Attitude, and Approach; highlighting rational , moral, and emotional dimensions.


This book is an art to understand the whole being of a person, one’s relation with the Infinite, the other, and the world around. In its simple way, it appeals to change ourselves, to build a world on values, equality and solidarity. I recommend the readers to read it meditatively for the personal development.
(Official Emeritus of the Secretariat of State, Vatican)

“Art of Being-in-the-World” is a timely reflection on our relationship with God, with each other and with the world. It calls us to learn to appreciate ourselves, others and all of God’s creation. It Challenges us to be positive, to see goodness and to discover the beauty and happiness in the midst of trial and suffering. It reminds us that having a positive attitude helps all of us, as we face the trials of life. It leads us to understand the value of living in the present moment with the awareness of God’s presence. We can all benefit from these reflections.
(Member of NJCC Public Policy Committee, U.S.A)

This book really makes you spend some quality time with that someone special that is ‘You’. The book goes deep into small but important things in everyday life. With powerful thoughts and practical exercises at the end of every chapter this book is a great resource to feel good about the world, others and most importantly yourself.
(Columnist, London)




The Rhythm of Nature
Know the Self
The Reality of the Other
• Inner Eye of Appreciation
• Broad Mind of Acceptance
• Tender Heart of Gratitude


Peace Be With You
Love the Life
Pain and Happiness
Come and See
Mother of Revelations
Light to the World
Pearl Moments
Harmony with the other
Live the Present
The Art of Learning
Joyful Living
Positive Thinking
Spirituality of the Paths
Service Selflessly
To Change the World
The Path of Gentleness
Freedom with Responsibility
To Remain Simple
Deep in Equanimity
Sleep in to Eternity


Precious Silence
White Liles
The Greatness of a Tree
Beautiful Butterflies
Splendor of a Dawn
A Bee-Hive
The Rainbow
Tiny Fireflies
Richness of a River
Sacred Mountains
The Little Sparrow
Refreshing Oasis
Evening on a Sea Shore