Sri Guru Gobind Geeta

Sri Guru Gobind Geeta

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Author: P K Nijhawan
Publisher: Army Educational Store
Year: 1985
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


An epic poem of soul-stirring universality and divine inspiration, this book records Guru Gobind Singh's dialogue of destiny with Banda, and depicts transformation of chivalry into the philosophic mode of revealing humanity and refined literary culture.

Profusely illustrated, and artistically produced with reproductions in color of paintings by well-known artists, this book is a moving epic poem, full of learning.


The first Sikh Upanishad written. - - Prof. Nirvair Singh, A scholar of Sikh Divinity

I am fully confident that anyone who reads Sri Guru Gobind Geeta will not only enrich and enlarge his vision but undergo a similar psychological transformation - as had been the case with Banda Bhadur.