Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Guru

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Author: Murkot Kunhappa
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 74
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123727547


Sree Narayana Guru was a great saint of India whose teachings have a universal appeal and a perennial value.

The Guru’s most famous saying, ‘One caste, one religion, one God for man,’ is a call to all mankind to transcend the limits of formal religion and to work on the spiritual level towards evolving a close-knit world community.

Written lucidly, this biographical book shows how the life of the Guru could well serve as a model for the uplift of suffering humanity anywhere, any time.



1.Birth and Childhood
3.Nanu the ‘Ashan’
4.The ‘Tapaswin’
5.The Cave
6.Nanu the ‘Yogin’
7.The Electric Shock
8.Sree Narayana Temples
9.Evolution of Idol Worship
10.One Religion for Man
11.One Caste for Man
13.Sahodaran Ayyappan
14.Miracles of the Guru
15.Social Reforms
16.The Last Days
17.The Philosophy of the Guru
18.His Writings