The Midnight Moon And Other Stories

The Midnight Moon And Other Stories

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Author: Kishori Charan Das
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): KK Mahapatra/Kishori Charan Das
Publisher: B R Publishing
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170187443


This book brings together 16 short stories of the bilingual writer who writes short stories, poems, and essays, in Oriya and English, with a penchant for short stories. Some of the stories included in this collection were orginally published in Oriya.

AN EXCERPT from Author's Introduction

“In the final analysis, what matters most is not the so-called inputs but the world-view of a writer, derived from the totality of his experience. My own happens to be a world that is fascinating, peopled by characters given to flashes of illumination in situation of conflict that lead to nowhere.

Climaxes that do not clinch the issue, but are meant to be satisfying nonetheless, opening out to horizons that might be reached some day. It is this unholy perception that has helped me to the crucial twists and turns, the alchemies that have yielded the ‘gold’ of my stories”.
-Kishori Charan Das in ‘An Introduction’.



1.The Broken Taj
2.Cold Waves
3.The Prayer Room
4.Fish Mayonnaise
5.A Saucer of Milk
6.The Visitor
7.The Hundred Sons
8.The Midnight Moon
9.The Hills
10.Living with Krishna
12.Other Ashes
13.The Meaning of Monsoon
14.Cooking of the Cuckoo
15.The Moving Train
16.the Prize