Love Sex & Crime  -   Twenty One Stories

Love Sex & Crime - Twenty One Stories

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Author: C C S Menon
Publisher: B R Publishing
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 127
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170189055


The book is a collection of stories on a wide variety of themes careering to the reading palates of all the different interest groups.

Crime stories included in this volume are the ones involving murders prompted by sex, extra-marital sex, blind love for parents, for wealth, selfishness for one’s own pleasures, animal instincts in humans even ignoring entreaties of murder victims, fits of anger, etc.

These stories narrate how, the investigating officials, even having come to dead ends, intelligently booked the culprits. Other stories revolve around themes such as ardent, selfless affection of mother, the positive side of terrorism, attempted foreign travels on forged NOCs, mis-use of free air travel-tickets by employees, exploitation of helpful nature of good Samaritans, VIP culture, mistaken identity, ignorance, wreaking the vengeance by haunting the house, etc.

The book presents a sumptuous dish full of reading pleasure for you to enjoy.


1. Bank, Oh, Blank!
2. “Ennosee”
3. Found and Lost
4. Haunted House
5. Harischandra Rules Again
6. “Hangman’s Noose”
7. Hot or Ghost?
8. Long Live the Organization!
9. Lost in Transit
10. Matricide Without Parallel
11. Mother, My Mother!
12. “Murder, A Necessity for Sexual Variety”
13. Patricide
14. Punishment of the Innocent
15. remote Control Murder
16. The Sweet oil Cremation
17. Vanishing Trick
18. Wreath
19. Wedding Guest
20. Waste, Sheer Waste!
21. “Where is Your Toilet?”