Food Security Policy Options for Tamil Nadu

Food Security Policy Options for Tamil Nadu

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Author: A M Swaminathan
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171887293


Throughout the world, distribution of essential food articles by the State or State sponsored organizations for the poor at subsidized rated is recognized as an essential anti-poverty and anti-inflationary measure. India, perhaps, has the largest public distribution system continuously in operation for more than six decades.

Within the country, Tamil Nadu, a southern State is reputed for its efficient “universal” public distribution system covering the State’s entire population. Of late, due to a variety of factors, the system is showing signs of strain and its sustainability in its present form is being questioned in many quarters.

This publication is the result of a study of the issues involved by a seasoned administrator in the light of his personal experience. Backed by a quick field study of the perception of the consumers and free wheeling discussions with the representatives of all the stakeholders, this study offers some suggestions for modifications in the programme which are likely to face minimum resistance and maximum concurrence from the general public. What is good for Tamil Nadu is also good for the rest of India and the study provides a model that can be suitably adapted elsewhere too.


List of Tables and Figures

1. Introduction
Supply or Distribution Management
Definition of Public Distribution System
Historical Perspective
The Post-Independence Period
The Five Year Plans
The Present Scenario
Organizational Details: Government of India
History of Public Distribution System in Tamil Nadu
Some Recent Reforms of the State Public Distribution System
Organizational Details: Government of Tamil Nadu

2. Politics on Public Distribution System in Tamil Nadu

3. Research Design and Field Survey
Research Design
Analysis of the Survey Results

4. Views of the Different Stakeholders
Traders and Millers
PDS Subsidy and the People’s Savings

5. Major Issues
Procurement Policy
Poverty Criterion
Universal versus Targeted Public Distribution System
Types of Targeting
Genuine Ration Cards and Bogus Cards
Types of Targeting
Genuine Ration Cards and Bogus Cards
Food Stamps
Antyodaya Anna Yojana
Cost of PDS
Commodity Coverage
Suggestions for the Modification of the Present System

6. Conclusions and Recommendations
The Need for Political Consensus

Appendix A-I: Comments and Suggestions
Based on the Draft Report
Appendix A-2: Some Earlier Studies on PDS in India