Shri Gayatri Prarthana  - The Complete Prayer   (2-CD Music Album)

Shri Gayatri Prarthana - The Complete Prayer (2-CD Music Album)

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Author: Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
: Prof Vachaspati Maudgalya
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 2007
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): D 06150A/B


Prarthana is a devotional offering, a complete prayer to our Gods, our “ishta devata-s’.

Prarthana is an album series that offers the listener a complete devotional experience comprising prayers and chants that will fulfill the spiritual offering of devotees to God. Every album is a compendium of Gayatri, Kavach, Stotras, Chalisa, Namavali, Aari, Kshama Prarthana and much more. Every double CD album in this series of 10 albums is dedicated to one deity alone and covers all aspects of a daily prayer.

Extremely high on melody and Divine expression, this album has been composed by legend Pandit Shiva Kumar Sharma. Guidance on text & Pronunciation has been given by Sanskrit scholar Professor Vachaspati Maudgalya.

Prarthana is the most deeply researched and exhaustive spiritual series available.

This album of 2 CDs carries following tracks:

CD - I
1.Shri Gayatri Mahamantra: 04:07

2. Shri Gayatri Stotram: 08:58
Sadhna Sargam & Suresh Wadkar

3. Shri Gayatri Kavacham –I: 16:54
Ravindra Sathe, Suresh Wadkar & Devki Pandit

4. Brihadaarannyakopanishat Se Shri Gayatri Upasana: 05:53
Ravindra Sathe

5. Shri Gayatri Chalisa: 12:06
Sadhna Sargam, Suresh Wadkar & Chorus

CD - 2
1. Shri Gayatri Hridayam: 08:26
Devki Pandit & Ravindra Sathe

2. Shri Gayatri Kavacham –II: 04:52

3. Shri Gayatri Panjara Stotram: 23:11
Suresh Wadkar & Devki Pandit

4. Shri Gayatriji Ki Aarti: 04:55
Sadhna Sargam & Chorus

5. Kshama Prarthana: 03:39
Sadhna Sargam