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Magic For Fun

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Author: B V Pattabhi Ram
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0341-2


Magic has become an important source of entertainment now a day, and the demand for more books in this field is considerably increasing. The present book Magic for Fun’ is thus carefully planned to meet the requirement of the growing need in this field, by a noted magician, hypnotist and journalist who is none other than Prof. Pattabhi Ram.

Prof, Pattabhi Ram, a post graduate in journalism has given more than 5000 magic and hypnotism shows in India, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He is first Indian Magician to receive honorary citizenship of America from the Mayor of Nashville city. He is also credited for pursuing for government of Andhra Pradesh to recognize magic as fine art. Today the magicians of Andhra Pradesh are giving publicity through magic to the policies of the government such as family welfare, anti-dowry, national savings, adult education, civic sense etc, which is proving to be very effective.

The one and only magic school in the world ‘Balanandam Magic and Hypnotism School’ which created sensation in the magic field, is his brain child. His three books on magic inspired many youngsters to turn into professional magicians. He taught magic to more than 1500 students in India and abroad. His shows were telecast by Chicago, new York, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Madras Television centers, in which he not only performed but also taught small tricks to children. He organized a workshop on magic for 6 weeks under the auspices of Telugu University for the first in India and taught magic to IC unemployed youths, who are now earning their livelihood through magic.


1. Yogic touch
2. Mental magic
3. Anti-gravity matchsticks
4. Eggstraordinary eggs
5. Dead or alive
6. Classic trick
7. Yogic fingers
8. Queen of hearts
9. The thirs eye
10. Trick with toffees
11. Magic dice
12. Join the twine
13. Obedient limes
14. Colour clairvoyance
15. Hanging ring
16. Mathemagic
17. Freezing hot water
18. It’s matchic
19. Black magic
20. We are one
21. Do as I do
22. Vanishing cigarettes
23. Dissolving coin
24. Balancing trick
25. A clean cut
26. Coin trick
27. Smoke sans fire
28. The great guess gag
29. Fingerprint expert
30. Science can be fun
31. Magi’s coconut
32. Teleportation
33. English rope trick
34. Seeing fingers
35. Human current
36. Super matchsticks
37. Fortune telling
38. Anti-gravity glasses
39. A slick trick
40. Divination
41. Can you match this?
42. Magic message
43. Care for a cool drink
44. Vanishing coin
45. Magic matchsticks
46. Bowled over
47. A trich that ticks
48. The missing ace
49. Money matters
50. used match ruse
51. Card clairvoyance
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