Magic for Children

Magic for Children

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Author: B V Pattabhi Ram
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 119
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788122303452


Magic is one of the most ancient performing arts. Over the centuries, it has undergone many changes in presentation and style, to the level it has reached today.

The Shamaans, Witch Doctors and Tribal Chiefs of ancient used the principles of Magic in some form or the other to wield power, awe their tribe or congregation, or to kill chid cure. In each case, it was an attempt to create an impression of supernatural powers, in fact, achieved by perfectly normal and natural means.

Over the centuries, Magic had developed into a more respectable and socially acceptable form of entertainment. It has all the ingredients of good entertainment, mystery and wonder, laughter and a sense of the impossible happening, or dreams coming true.

When cinema was invented, Magic and live-variety-entertainment took a back seat. Big-stage-Magic-shows around the world faded away, because it was possible to create more impossibilities on a two-dimensional screen, and materialize more fantasies than is possible in real life.


1. Topsy-Turvy Match Box
2. Mathematic
3. Hanky-Panky
4. Perfect Prediction
5. Super stick Trick
6. Tricky Number Trap
7. Simple spade Work
8. Anti Gravity Glasses
9. Spine-Chilling Finger
10. Bottle Bafflement
11. Match Magic
12. Determined Drinker
13. An Edgy Trick
14. Carbon Trick
15. Miracle Sand of India
16. Cu and Restore
17. Fingering
18. Unique Card Prediction
19. Vedic Wonder
20. Magic Mango Juice
21. Think of An Ace
22. Monkey from Ashes
23. Telephone Telepathy
24. Vanishing Coin
25. A Sharp Trick
26. Magic Wand Mystery
27. Tell-Tale Cards
28. King and Queens
29. Tumbler Trick
30. Number Trick
31. Red or Black?
32. Color Changing Balloon
33. Telepathic Name Game
34. A Sharp Card Gimmick
35. Funjuring
36. Whispering Knife
37. Stretching Rope
38. The Audience is Always Wrong
39. First Aid Matchbox
40. OOPS/ The Cup Slippeth Over
41. Candles From Thin Air
42. Conjure up A Candy
43. Visiting Card Wonder
44. Abracadabra
45. Tit for Tat
46. Buttonhole Blockade
47. Aces up the Sleeve
48. Missing Aces
49. Kerchief Creation
50. Dissolving Card
51. Juggler’s Magic

Magic Manners (An exclusive for young magicians)