I Am Proud to be a Hindu

I Am Proud to be a Hindu

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Author: J Agarwal
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-1022-2


Hindu Dharma is the oldest living religion in the world. It is the eternal religion which is evergreen and perfect. Its origin goes back to the earliest of times when man first needed a way of life to conduct himself in the society.

A person who always conducts himself with dignity and self-confidence in the society is called a Hindu. The sacred Hindu Scriptures describe a Hindu as the one who carries out his sublime duties and who moves on the right path of the highest state of mental peace leading to the state of Bliss.

Hindu Dharma has always remained an enigma in the minds of the people living in the West. Even the Hindus living in the distant shores have long since lost touch with the true essence of the Satya Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma. Today, the young modern generation of Hindus is puzzled and is seeking roots to their culture.

With an inquisitive mind, they would like to ask many questions about Hindu Dharma. It intrigues them to find out as to –Who is a Hindu? What is Hindu Dharma? Why should a Hindu be proud of being a Hindu? Who is God? Where does God live? What he does and why is it necessary to worship God?

This book is an answer to all these questions.

An Excerpt from a Holy scripture:

‘For command of whom the fires burn, for command of whom the sun shines, for command of which the winds, the clouds, and death perform their respective duties so faithfully?




1. The Modern Outlook of Hinduism
2. Vedic Hindu Dharma
3. Some Facts to be Proud of as a Hindu
4. Glimpses of Hindu Achievements on the Vista of Time


1. Hindu Dharma is Different from Other Religions
2. Hindu Dharma is Sanatan Dharma the Eternal Religion
3. Hindus believe in the Supreme Eternal Entity of God
4. Hindus have the Wisdom to Discriminate between Right and Wrong
5. Hindus believe in the Eternal Entity of Jivatma
6. Hindu Dharma unfolds the Mysteries of Moola Prakriti
7. The Holy Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures are Timeless
8. Vedic Hindu Philosophy is based on Brahma and Brahmanda
9. Hindus believe in the Law of Karma
10.Hindus believe in the Power of Antahkarana
11.Hindus follow Pravritti Marg and Nivritti Marg for Liberation
12.Ashtanga Yoga is our Divine Moral Code
13.Hindus know the Truth behind Idol Worship


1. Four Purusharthas (Sublime Goals of Life)
2. Ashram Vyavastha (Four Stages of Life)
3. Panch Mahayajnas (Five Mandatory Daily Duties)
4. Agnihotra (Holy Rituals)
5. The Ten Acid Tests of True Dharma
6. The Six Bharatiya Darshans (Indian Philosophies)
7. The Hindu Varna Vyavastha (Division of Society)
8. The Words of Rishis and Rishikas (The Holy Seers)
9. Reincarnation (Life after Death)
10.Sixteen Sanskars (Rites and Rituals)
11.Pancha Mahabhootas (The Five Elements)


Appendix 1: Some Illustrious Hindus from India
Appendix 2: Hindu Aryans Some Quotes