The Amazing Story of Shri Nathji

The Amazing Story of Shri Nathji

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Author: Shyam Das
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Tuisidas/Asim Krishna Das
Publisher: Pratham Peeth Publications
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Shri Nathji appeared from the Govardhan Hill, which Krishna held for seven days to protect the Brajavasis from Indra's wrath, in the early fifteenth century. For many years, He continued to play there with His devotees, who sang His Lilas o5 sports. When he decided to depart for Mevar in Rajasthan, to fulfill a vow He had made to a devotee, He went in procession and was the source of many adventures.

Today, Shrinathji is one of the best known deities in India. His temple in Rajasthan, near Udaipur, is visited by many millions of pilgrims annually.

This prose work, famous in its original Brajbhasa version, evokes the spiritual atmosphere of the times of Shri Vallabhacharya and his son, Vittalnathji, also known as Shri Gusainji. The adventures of the deity in Braja and during the journey, even at Nathdwara itself, are delightfully recounted here.

The extraordinary, historical account of Shri Krishna's 15th century appearance on the Govardhan Hill as Shri Nathji, is one of the most famous Krishna deities in India.


Shri Nathji’s Appearance Story

The Appearance of a Raised Arm
The Appearance of Shri Krishna’s Face
The Story of Shri Nathji Drinking Milk
Saddu Pande is given a direct Command
Saddu Pande Returns Home and Tells of Shri Nathji
Shri Nathji Tells of a Cow Coming to the Cowpen
Dharmadas Receives the Command to Put His Cow in Saddu Pande’s Pen
Four Potencies Appear to Protect Shri Nathji
Shri Nathji Appears to Shri Mahaprabhuji in Jharakanda and Tells Him to Establish His Worship
Shri Mahaprabhuji Goes to Braja and Removes the Spell at Vishranti Ghat
Shri Mahaprabhuji Goes to the Govardhan Hill and Looks for the Place Where Shri Nathji Appeared
Shri Mahaprabhuji Goes to the Govardhan Hill and Meets Shri Nathji
Shri Mahaprabhuji Follows Shri Nathji’s Command and Establishes the Temple; After Arranging for the Worship, He Continues on His Pilgrimage
Patho, A Dairy Maid from Gantoli
Khemo, A Dairy Woman from Govardhan
A Braja Vasi Cowlad from Ading Called Gopal
A Brahman’s Son from Agra
Mandaliya Pande from Sakhitara
Chaturnag, A Bhakta from Torake Ghane
Purnamall Has a Dream to Build the Temple
Purnamall Comes to Braja
Hiramani is Also Told in a Dream to Build Shri Nathji’s Temple
The Building of Shri Nathji’s New Temple Begins
Shri Nathji is Established in His New Temple
Shri Nathji’s Seva is Established
Shri Mahaprabhuji Sells a Golden Ring and Buys a Cow for Shri Nathji
Shri Nathji Goes to the Govinda Lake
Shri Nathji is Not Pleased with the Bengali’s Seva and Requests Their Dismissal
Shri Mahaprabhuji Returns to His Own Realm
Shri Mahaprabhuji’s oldest Son, Gopinathji, Sits on the Seat
Shri Purushottamji Leaves This World
Shri Gopinathji Returns to Krishna’s Lila
Shri Gusainji Ascends the Throne; the Bengalis are replaced by others in Shri Shri Nathji’s Seva
Madhavendrapuri Follows Shri Nathji’s Orders and Goes to the South to Get Sandalwood
Madhavendrapuri Meets Shri Gopinathji in Pende
Madhavendrapuri and a Tailanga King Set out with a Load of Sandalwood for Shri Nathji
Madhavendrapuri Has Shri Nathji’s Darshan, Worships Shri Himgupalji and then Attains the Eternal Realm
Madhavendrapuri Has Shri Nathji’s Darshan, Worships Shri Himgupalji and then Attains the Eternal Realm
Madhavendra Attains the Final Abode and Shri Gusainji Hears About it Six Months Later and is Distressed
The Life of Madhavendrapuri
A Description of the Astha Chhap Poets
The Story of a Nagar Brahmin from Banares
All the Braja Vasis Gather and Offer Shri Nathji Cows
Shri Gusainji Establishes Shri Nathji’s Opulent Seva
The Braja Vasi Curds are Stopped and Begun Again
Shri Gusainji Makes a Cow Pen and Appoints Four Cow Herders
Shri Gusainji Makes a Cow Pen and Appoints Four Cow Herders
Shri Nathji Takes Eight Sweetballs and Gives Them to the Cowlads
Shri Nathji Gives Two Sweetballs to a Rice Farmer
Shri Nathji Does Not Get the Braja Vasi’s Curd at Lunch so He Takes His Golden Bowl and Eats Curd at the Gujari’s House
Shri Nathji Eats Rupa’s Rice and Curds
Shri Nathji Has His Lunch at Shyam Dak
Shri Nathji Goes to Shri Gusainji’s House in Mathura, where Everything is Offered to Him, and Plays Holi
There before Returning to the Govardhan Hill
Shri Nathji Plays Holi
Shri Nathji Returns to the Govardhan Hill and Meets
Shri Gusainji
Shri Nathji’s Shawl Gets Stuck on a Branch
Shri Nathji Becomes Small to Accept a Small Garment
Shri Nathji Playes a Board Game with Rupa Manjari Emperor Akbar’s Lady, Bibi Taj
Shri Nathji has the Roof Terrace Removed
The Story of Kalyan Jotishi and How Shri Giridhariji Merges into the Form of Shri Mathureshji
Shri Damodarji Ascends the Seat
Shri Nathji is Adorned with a dagger
During a Quarrel, Shri Vitthalraya Goes to Agra, Shri Nathji Gives His Command and the Emperor Resolves the Disagreement
Shri Vittalraya Puts a Tipara crown on Shri Nathji
Shri Giridhariji Plays Holi and Swings Shri Nathji
Shri Gokulnathji Plays Holi with Shri Nathji
On the Way to Dwarka, Shri Gusainji Visits Sinhad in Mevar, Tells of Shri Nathji’s Future Arrival There, and Makes the King and queen His Disciples
Shri Nathji Comes to Mevar Daily, Plays Chopar with Ajaba, and Tells of His Plans to Live in Mevar
Shri Nathji Remembers Mevar and Inspires a Mughal to Make Him Leave the Govardhan Hill
The Emperor Sends a Messenger to Shri Nathji’s Temple
A Short Account of Shri Giridhariji’s Entrance into Lila
After Giridhariji Enters the Lila, He Tells Govindaji That it is Shri Nathji’s Wish to Go to Mevar
On His Way to Mevar, Shri Nathji First Goes to Agra
Two Water Boys’ Service and Divine Victory
The emperor Attacks for the Eighteenth Time and Builds a Mosque
The Complete Story of Shri Nathji’s Trip to Agra
The Complete Story of Shri navanita Priyaji’s Trip to Agra
Shri Govindaji’s Wish is Followed by the Emperor’s Messenger and After the Secret Annakuta is Celebrated, They Move Onwards
Shri Nathji Goes to Dandoti Ghat
The Messenger Tells of Shri Nathji’s Coming to Agra
Many Mughals Chase After Shri Nathji
Shri Nathji Tells Gangabai that He Wants to Go to Krishnapur
Shri Gusainji Gives Bal Krishna a Boon
From the Boon, Brajarayaji About Brajarayaji’s Arrival and Boon
Gangabai Tells Govindaji Shri Nathji’s Command
Shri Govinda’s Twenty-seven Days of Separation
On the Twenty-eighth Day, Govindaji Removes Brajarayaji from Shri Shri Nathji’s Seva
A Description of How Shri Nathji Went to Mevar
From Dandoti Ghat Shri Nathji Proceeds to Kota-Bundi
Shri Nathji Leaves Kota and, on the Way to Jodhpur, Passes Pushkar
On the Way to Jodhpur from Pushkar, Shri Nathji Goes to Krishnagarh
While going to Mevar, Shri Nathji Gives a Renunciate Darshan at Visalpura
Shri Nathji Goes to Jodhpur and Spends the Rainy Season at Chaupaseni
Shri Govinda Goes to Udaipura and, After Speaking with King Rana Singhji, Decides to Have Shri Nathji Live in Mevar
The Full Account of Shri Nathji’s Trip to Mevar
The Emperor Hears that Shri Nathji is in Mevar and Attacks Rana Singhji
The Emperor’s Forces Camp at Rayasagar While
Ranaji’s Foreces camp at Nahar and Shri Nathji Goes To Batara
The Story of the Emperor’s Trip in Mevar
Shri Purushottamji Puts Gold-Threaded Socks on Shri Nathji’s Feet
Shri Nathji’s Ornamentation is Done by Shri Brajarayaji
Shri Nathji Tells Govindadas to Make him the Sun Door
Shri Nathji Gives Gopaldas, the Storeroom Manager, His Darshan
Shri Nathji’s Bhakta, Madhavadas Desai