Ageless Guru  -  The Inspirational Life of Swamy Chinmayananda

Ageless Guru - The Inspirational Life of Swamy Chinmayananda

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Author: Radhika Krishnakumar
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 119
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175970649


This book chronicles in lucid language the life of a great modern sage. Swami Chinmayananda’s life was indeed a saga of extraordinary spiritual strength, love, tireless service and metaphysical reach.

When he began his mission, the world’s oldest scriptures were taught only in exclusive pockets, shrouded in orthodoxy. Swami Chinmayananda interpreted and opened up this perennial philosophy for millions of people. His was a life which in less than 50 years, left legacy of a global organisation, hundreds of institutions and millions of followers devoted to a single aim, the perpetuity of the nobility in Man.



In the Thick of India’s Freedom Struggle
A spiritual thinker is born
Divine Life Begins
Swami Chinmayananda is born
Studying under the guru
The Inspiration
The Mission Begins
A foundation is laid
The Chinmaya Mission is born
Towards Greater Reach
Towards National Integration
Blazing a Global Trail
A Unique Master
The Glorious Dusk
The Last Rites
His Spirit Lives on