Ramana - Arunachala

Ramana - Arunachala

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Author: Arthur Osborne
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 71
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A



I was there that fateful April night of the body's death and felt a calm beneath the grief and a wonder at the fortitude Bhagavan had implanted in his devotees to bear their loss. Gradually one after the other began to discover in his heart the truth that Bhagavan had not gone away but, as he promised, is still there.

Since that day his presence in the heart has been more vital, the outporuing of his Grace more abundant, his support more powerful. I have been to Tiruvannamalai sincethen also, and the Grace that emantes from the tomb is the Grace of the Living Ramana.

During these years I had felt no urge to write about Bhagavan. After his body's death and his assurance: " I am not gong away; I am here where could I go?" , there was a dream in which he called me up to him and, as I knelt before his couch, placed his hands on my head in blessing. At this time an impulse came to write about Bhagavan and especially to explain the accessibility of the path of Self-enquiry which he taught.



1. Ramana Arunachala
2. The Man who was Ramana
3. The Direct Path
4. Arunachala Ramana
5. The Literary Testimony
6. Affinity with Buddhism
7. Ramana Sad – Guru