My Life at Sri Ramanasramam

My Life at Sri Ramanasramam

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Author: Suri Nagamma
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): D S Sastri
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 166
ISBN/UPC (if available): 97881488018181


Suri Nagamma is well-known to the devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi through her work " Letters from Sri Ramanasramam" originally published by the Ashram in Telugu and subsequently in English. At the request of some devotees, she has now written about her life at the Ashram.

Nagamma's early life was full of trials and tribulations. She lost her father when she was four years of age, her mother when she was ten and her husband when she was twelve. As a result of the series of calamities she got drowned in an ocean of sorrow and confined herself to a small room in her parent's house rarely getting out of it, so much so, she did not know what sunshine was for several years.

After some years, she came out of her solitude and began moving about in the midst of the families of her brothers and sister with the intention of serving them by way of Nishkama Karma. Soon she got dissatisfied with it, and began going about on pilgrimage to various places in the country in search of a Sadguru. That is how she ultimately landed at Sri Ramanasramam.

She went to the Ashram all alone and without knowing anybody there. By patient and persistent effo5ts she gained the grace of Bhagwan and in due course became one of the important inmates of the Ashram. Bhagwan showed her the correct way of Sadhana, encouraged her in all her efforts and slowly led her into the path of Self-enquiry.

Life in an Ashram is never smooth sailing, it is beset with hardships, innumerable obstacles and several pitfalls, and Nagamma has had her due share of them.

This book gives such great details of the life of a Sadhak in an Ashram, it can be confidently expected that one who goes through it carefully and does sadhana in the manner indicated therein will be greatly benefited thereby.


1. Early Years
2. My Pilgrimage to Ramanasramam
3. The First Darshan of Sri Ramana Maharshi
4. Saranagathi
5. Antha Ramanamayam
6. Life at Ramanasramam
7. Amritanadi
8. Service by Monkeys
9. Vishaya Danam
10. Service in Bhagavan’s Hall
11. My Authorship of Books
12. Writing of Letters
13. Letters of Velury Sivarama Sastry
14. Attempts to publish the Letters
15. Interesting Developments
16. Obstacles to the writing of Letters
17. Arpana : (Offering)
18. Anugraham : (Compassion)
19. Sreyamsi Bahu Vighnani
20. Resumption of writing the Letters
21. Reservation
22. Puffed Jowar
23. Suri Sabha
24. Samadhi of Lakshmi the Cow
25. Siva Rahasyam
26. Amuktam
27. Na Karmana
28. Tumour
29. Things to happen will necessarily happen
30. Healing of another Tumour
31. Where is the Question of Desires for a Jnani?
32. Suryakanthamani
33. Tandava Darshanam
34. Samarasam
35. Where Will Bhagavan Go?
36. ‘No Fears. Nothing To Be Afraid Of’:
37. Operation and Independence Day
38. Sahanam: (Patience)
39. ‘There Is No Worry At present’
40. In the Small Room
41. Bad Omens
42. Vijnana Aharam : (Spiritual Food)
43. Vikrithi Is Come
44. Brahma Nirvana
45. Samadhi – Installation of the Linga
46. My Subsequent Life
47. Pilgrimage to Rameswaram
48. The letters and the publication of the Second Part
49. Pilgrimage to Kasi
50. Eeshana Trayam - The Three Desires
51. Gangabhishekam
52. Shifting Residence from the Ashram
53. Life at Kolanukonda
54. The Temple and the Cobra
55. Publication of the Letters
56. Construction of Raman Sadanam
57. Ekaaki Yathachittatma
58. The Ashram at Present
59. Find out Who you Are
60. Appendix