Of Course, I Love You - Till I Find Someone Better

Of Course, I Love You - Till I Find Someone Better

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Author: Durjoy Datta
Maanvi Ahuja/
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 259
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575658


Debs’ true love(s) never last beyond the first few months of contact. Visual, verbal or physical. Despite being starkly ordinary, for reasons outside the realms of reality, Debashish Roy’s love life is enviable. Girls make his world go round. Everything else can wait.

His college life at Delhi College of Engineering is nothing much to speak of. He is either busy imagining Vernita without anything covering her tangible assets or lending an ear to Shrey who is perennially brimming with nonsense of all kinds.

Things change once Deb meets his match in Avantika, the just-out-of-drugs SRCC girl, who sweeps him off his feet and for once, his heart. What follows is a whirlwind of crazy night outs, blatant two timing and sinful love, messing up Deb’s trysts with friends, placements and CAT. With two of Avantikas’ ex boyfriends crossing out days in jails across different continents, what is in store for Deb?

Who is Sri Guru and what role does he play in their lives?

And how do Neeti and Amit, his colleagues in his first office, stick their heads in Deb’s life?

Will he ever find love? Friendship? Does he want to?


1. Desperate measures
2. The trio and the ‘break’ing (up) ground
3. Does size really matter?
4. Of arranged books and arranged marriages
5. Dumb, ugly...so does a French girl
6. Not having a job sucks…so does a French girl
7. Dumb girls, drunk girls, hot girls
8. Out of Bounds
9. Trespassing
10. Flowering and Deflowering
11. Avantika- The witch, Shawar her bitch
12. CATting and cutting!
13. Of dad, drunk drivers and SRCC internals
14. The Farewell NIGHT molestation!
15. The Spirit of Losing
16. Me, Myself and Amit
17. Amit moves in, turned down
18. Great Challenges, Symbiotic Lives
19. The girls were waiting
20. Sheets and dates, two dates!
21.Amits’ Gift
22.The Full Circle