Banaras  -   The Heritage City of India

Banaras - The Heritage City of India

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Author: Rana P B Singh
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 457
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186569855


This book describes various facets of geography, history and heritage of Varanasi, the heritage city of India, on/about which a vast historical literature is available. The section on Geography covers the general background of the topography, climate, soils, vegetation, and human landscape. The History section gives a general brief outline of history, from the ancient to the modern, including a chronological chart. The issue of inscribing the heritages capes, especially of the riverfront ghats, on the line of UNESCO Heritage criteria, has also been fully described.

The Bibliography section contains 1276 entries classified into 16 groups: Books, most in English; Research papers & essays; Persian works; Urdu sources; Sanskrit sources; Books/articles in Hindi; Marathi sources; Bengali sources; Published reports/ Government documents; Electronic Publications; Films (English); Japanese sources; Unpublished dissertations; Unpublished reports; Unpublished reports (Varanasi: Inscribing Heritage Zones for WHL UNESCO); Unpublished (Undergraduate) fieldwork projects.

This book will serve as a major resource for Banaras studies, urban history, cultural geography, and heritage studies and can also be used as model frame for similar heritage cities in other parts of the world.


List of Figures, List of Tables
Preface: Banaras, the World of Sacrality

1. Geographical Personality

2. Banaras: Transformation on the Cradle of Time

3. Varanasi, the Heritage City of India: Master Plan, JNNURM and Issue of Inscription in Unesco WHL

4. Banaras/Varanasi: A Selected Bibliography


1. Historical- Cultural Happenings in North India and Banaras, AD 1100-2008
2. Banaras/ Kashi: Notable Dates in History
3. Kashi/ Varanasi: List of Divinities and Locations
4. Shiva Lingas from the Kashikhanda
5. Varanasi/Kashi: The 84 Ghats along the Riverfront
6. Varanasi/ Kashi: 96 Jala Tirtha Yatra
7.Hindu Festivals, 2006-2015