The Message of Mahatma Gandhi

The Message of Mahatma Gandhi

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Author: U S Mohan Rao
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 97
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123001851


Shri U.S. Mohan Rao has compiled and edited an anthology on the “Message of Mahatma Gandhi”. In making this anthology the compiler’s aim and effort has been to present the message of the Master both as a coherent system of values and as a series of specific instructions addresses to his followers during the freedom struggle.

In the result it is hoped that Gandhiji’s teachings will be found to have been apt and acceptable at the time and also to embody a philosophy of life possessing enduring relevance at all times and in all circumstances. Based on a fresh study of the rich material from the vantage point of “twenty years after”, the selections by their choice and arrangement seek to present both the familiar and less known passages in an effective sequence.


God Alone Is
Truth and Non-Violence
Beliefs and Valued
The Soul of All Religions is One
For the Well-Being of the Nation
What India Stands For
India Is One Nation
India of My Dreams
National Language
To Students
For the Good of the Individual
The Human Family
Key to Sources