International Ghalib Seminar     (English-Urdu)

International Ghalib Seminar (English-Urdu)

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Author: Yusuf Husain Khan
Publisher: Ghalib Institute
Year: 1970
Language: English
Pages: 146
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This volume contains the papers presented at the International Seminar held in Delhi on the occasion of Ghalib Centenary celebrations.

The papers presented at the Seminar covered various aspects of Ghalib's personality and his poetry. Scholars from the Soviet Union, the United States of America, Great America, Iran, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Kuwait presented papers which were of high academic standard. The papers presented by Indian scholars contained the results of recent researches.

The ghazals of Ghalib combined thought and emotion and this add to their magical quality. The rhythm of emotions determines the melody of his verses and emotions are in turn refined by his melody. In this process the selection of words is determined by their rhythm and cadence and therefore they acquire a new significance. When there is complete harmony between cadence and emotion, the impact of words is all the grater. Ghalib's poetic diction is a good example of this exquisite harmony. The success he achieved in communicating his deep feelings and experiences is without parallel in the Urdu poetic tradition.