How to Age Gracefully and be Happy

How to Age Gracefully and be Happy

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Author: J N Sharma
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123014244


Both healthcare and life expectancy among the senior citizens is a matter of great significance as they constitute about eight per cent of the total population. The book presents an in-depth analysis of issues relevant to the life of senior citizens. It suggests several ways to cope with the problems, especially health-related and emotional, generally faced by the elders. The book is immensely useful not only to the growing number of senior citizens but also guides the younger generation in appreciating better the concerns of their elders.

The author, who is himself a senior citizen and Member Secretary of a non-political organization, “Citizenship Development Society”, provides answers to many problems faced by his contemporaries and exhorts them to lead a useful life in their twilight years.


Food and Nutrition
Too Young to Retire
Personal Life Mission and Providing Care
Questions Before us at Getting Old
Secrets of Life
Care of Elders
How to Overcome Depression
Resource Support
Senior Citizens’ Homes
Elders with Alzheimer
Elders with Alzheimer
Elders-Victims of Frauds
Concessions for Senior Citizens
Stay Young
Aged and Society
Art of Long Living
Care Centres
Role of Voluntary Organizations
Programme of Action
Lonely Parents
Good Nutrition