The Military Factor in Pakistan

The Military Factor in Pakistan

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Author: R S N Singh
Publisher: Lancer Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 460
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780981537894


Pakistan’s politics, governance, institutional capacities, internal and external security and the nation-building process are at a critical juncture. The stance of the military, thus, would be a critical factor in determining the future course of Pakistan. Under the prevailing scenario in the country, any elected government would need to re-establish the viability and vitality of the state. Should it fail, the army would be compelled to re-intervene to save the country from falling apart.

For an objective ad in-depth analysis, as to how Pakistan has arrived at this critical juncture, it is important to delve into the personalities and processes that have shaped the destiny of the country. The future of Pakistan is dependent on the flux and interplay of the internal and external processes and compulsions. This book, therefore, tracks the military underpinnings in the political, geopolitical, strategic, economic, religious, sociological and sectarian Journey that Pakistan has made over the last 60 years.



Military and politics
Role in Governance
Military and Nation-Building
Military and Islamisation
Military and Foreign Policy
Military and Strategic Culture
Military’s Professional Journey
Appendix – A: Heads of State of Pakistan
Appendix – B: Chief Executives of Pakistan
Appendix – C: National Assembly Election-October 2002 & 2008-Comparative Performance
Appendix – D: 1981 and 1998 Census of Pakistan
Appendix – E: Constituents of the MMA [2002 Elections]
Appendix – F: Growth of Pakistan Armed Forces Between 1979 and 1989
Appendix – G: Army Chiefs in Pakistan
Appendix – H: Military Balance – India and Pakistan