The Wisdom of the Gita  -  A Manual for Life

The Wisdom of the Gita - A Manual for Life

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Author: J M Mehta
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 109
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122309143


The book, "The Wisdom of the Gita" is an outcome of a deep study of the "Gita" over a long period and broadly covers the main teachings enshrined in the scripture. The "Gita" is not merely a holy book meant for reverence and ritual worship, but it is a fountain spring of true knowledge and wisdom and can be considered as a manual for righteous living.

This small book acquaints the readers with the fundamentals of life, which include the human body and the soul, pleasure and pain, God and nature, good and evil, the different qualities inherent in human beings, yoga, meditation, desires and similar other aspects. The book has been specially designed for the busy man of the present day, who has no time to read voluminous titles.


Some Famous Comments on the Gita
Some Interesting Facts on The Gita
The Background
The Gita-A Manual for Life
The Mystery of Life
The Goal of Life
The First Lesson from the Gita Courage in Crisis
Do not Fear Death, Do not Grieve
Pleasure and Pain
Yoga as Defined in the Gita
Karma Yoga [Path of Action]
Selfless Action [Nishkam Karma]
Path of Knowledge [Gyan Yoga]
Bhakti Yoga or Path of Devotion
Synthesis of Yoga
Three Types of Gunas [Modes or Tendencies]
Three-fold classification
Four-fold Order of Society
Renunciation and Relinquishment [Sanyas and Tyag]
Devotees of God
Good and Evil Tendencies
The Field and Its Knower
God and Nature
Functioning and Control of Mind
Incarnation of God
Selected Memorable Verses
A Summary of Prominent Teachings of the Gita