Salient Features of Indian Astrology

Salient Features of Indian Astrology

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Author: U C Mahajan
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0993-3


Humans are always curious about their future. Astrology is one such time-tested science that throws light on one's past and also predicts that unseen future which is clearly visible to those who correctly understand the various centuries-old interpretations. We may err but Astrology never goes wrong.

What does the Sun in the first house signify?
Why is Jupiter in Aries benefic?
what is meant by \'malefic\' aspects?
When will I get married?
Why should I wear an emerald?
Why do I suffer from recurring eye troubles?

Find the answers to these and more, for it is all there in our respective horoscopes.

This book provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to the study of the stars and planets, their placements, good and bad implications, and suggested remedies. The author further claims that doctors too have started acknowledging the efficacy of healing through astrological charts.

Go ahead. Cast your horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for you--in the present as well as in the future.


Chapter-1 What is Astrology and What are its Advantages
Chapter-2 Horoscope or Birth Chart
Chapter-3 Planets
Chapter-4 Houses

Chapter-5 Sun (Surya)
Chapter-6 Jupiter (Guru)
Chapter-7 Moon (Chandra)
Chapter-8 Mars (Mangal) (Exalted and Malefic)
Chapter-9 Venus (Shukra)
Chapter-10 Saturn (Shani)
Chapter-11 Mercury (Budh)
Chapter-12 Rahu
Chapter-13 Ketu

Chapter-14 Sun (Surya)
Chapter-15 Jupiter (Guru)
Chapter-16 Moon (Chandra)
Chapter-17 Venus (Shukra)
Chapter-18 Mars (Mangal)
Chapter-19 Mercury (Budh)
Chapter-20 Saturn (Shani)
Chapter-21 Rahu
Chapter-22 Ketu
Chapter-23 How to Read a Birth Chart
Chapter-24 Debilitating or Inauspicious Planets
Chapter-25 Important Lessons
Chapter-26 Mahadasha Calculation
Chapter-27 Varsh Phal
Chapter-28 Diseases Caused by Malefic Planets
Chapter-29 Some Prominent Yogas
Chapter-30 Gems and Precious Stones
Chapter-31 Overview and Charts for Quick Reading