101 Ways to Prepare Kababs

101 Ways to Prepare Kababs

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Author: Satarupa Banerjee
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 131
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0697-7


Kabab has always taken the pride place on Indian cuisine. It has variety and class.

The author describes the simple process for preparing kababs from meat, Chicken, fish, Paneer vegetables, fruits etc. Several cooking methods of kababs have also been described including the dressing, roasting and presenting. It includes preparation in the tandoor, tawa, Kadahi, handi, patila, over hot coals and in the oven, grill or microwaves.

Explained in easy-to follow language to facilitate easy preparation, the book describes how both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy and relish kababs ranging from sweet to savoury or from spicy to fruity. Here for you is a distinctive selection of delicious kababs. Enjoy and pamper yourself with the culinary delights of kababs.


How to go about Preparing the Perfect Kabab

Aloo Lajawaab [Stuffed Potatoes]
Gajrela Kabab [Carrot Kabab]
Grilled Vegetables
Paneer Shashlik
Hariyali Kabab [Green Pea Kabab]
Nutri Kabab
Nut Kabab
Paneer Tikka
Vegetable Gular Kabab
Vegetable Tandoori
Phaldhari Seekh Kabab [Vegetarian Seekh Kabab]
Shakahari Kabab [Vegetable kabab]
RawBanana Kabab
Motia Tikki [Pearl Balls]
Paneer Ke Chutneywale sule [Paneer Kabab with Green Chutney]
Masoor Kabab [Lantil Kabab]
Harabhara Kabab [Spinach Kabab]
Pahari Kabab [Yam Kabab]
Khile Phool [Cauliflower Kabab]

Makhmali Murg Kabab [Stuffed Chicken Kabab]
Chatpata Murg Kabab [Spicy Chicken Kabab]
Tandoori Chicken with a Difference
Murg Ke Achari Parche [Pickled Chicken Nuggets]
Murg Anari Kabab [Pomegranate Flavoured Chicken Kabab]
Barbecued Chicken Legs
Narangi Tikka [Chicken Kababs with Orange]
Boti Kabab
Baked Kabab
Tali Hui Tikka [Fried Chicken Nuggets]
Jahanari Kabab
Bemisal Kabab [Chicken Kaban]

Mahi Kabab Ajwani [Fish Kabab with Ajwain]
Smoked Hilsa
Prawns with orange Mustard Sauce
Tandoori Fish
Chicken Reshmi Tikka
Mahi Makhani Kabab [Fish Butter Kabab]
Tandoori Pomfret
Jhinga Tikka [Prawn Tikka]
Fish Seekh Kabab

Adrak Ke Panje [Ginger Kabab]
Pasanda Kabab
Steamed Kabab
Nargisi Kabab [Indian Scotch Eggs]
Ganne Ka Kabab [Kababs on Sugarcane]
Dhuanwali Kabab [Smoked Kabab]
Bara Kabab [Baked Mutton Chops]
Kachcha Kabab [Sauteed Kabab]
Hussainy Kabab
Chutney Chaap [Meat Ribs with Chutney]
Meat Tikkas
Boti Kabab
Sikandari Raan [Whole leg of Lamb]
Sarson Ka Tikka [Musrtard Flavoured Kabab]
Dora Kabab
Liver Kabab
Roti Kabab
Patila Kabab
Khatti Meethi Tikka [Sweet and Sour Nuggets]
Mince and Cheese Kabab
Lagan Ke Kabab
Kakori Kabab [Special Seeka Kabab]
Fruty Mutton Tikka
Maas Ke Sule [Rajasthani Mutton Kabab]
Spicy Shami Kabab [Minced Mutton and Dal Kabab]
Kachche Aam Ka Kabab [Skewered Mutton with Green Mango]
Malai Kabab [Kabab with Cream]
Dahi Kabab [Khababs in Curd]
Kali Mirch Ka Kabab [ Pepper Kabab]
Nawabi Kabab
Lemon Grass Kabab
Baisa Kabab [Egg Kabab]

Jerk Chicken
Mango Salsa
Sausage, Bacon and Kidney Kabab
Kibbeh on Skewers [Lebanese Kabab]
Chinese Barbecued Lamb
Hawaian Meat Brochettes
Arabian Kabab
Meat and Vegetable Shish Kababs
Chicken Satay
Fruit Kabab
Sweet Kabab
Dessert Kabab

Pesto Dip
Paneer Dip
Cucumber Dip
Hot Schezwan Sauce
Green Tomato Pineapple Dip
Orange Sauce
Som Tam [Raw Papaya Salad]
Perfect Eggless Mayonnaise
Masala Raita
Peanut Kachumber
Superior Barbecue Sauce
Aam Kasundi
Apricot Chutney

Tandoori Masala
Tandoori Chaat Masala
Garam Masala