Amarnama -  Last Phase of Guru GobindSingh's Life

Amarnama - Last Phase of Guru GobindSingh's Life

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Author: Kavita R
Publisher: Gurmat Prakashan
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 83
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8190402188


Amarnama is a var [ballad] composed by a ballad singer in Persian verse at Nanded during the last Phase of Guru Gobind Singh’s life.

It is the first and foremost account which depicts the meeting of the tenth Guru with Madho Das Bairagi who later came to be called Banda Singh Bahadur and whom the Guru sent to the Punjab with ‘Five Freedom Loving Singhs’ to fight against Mughal Tyranny and injustice.

Besides other issues, the ballad conveys the message not to rely on false ritualism but to have reverence for all religions.


Bibliographical Survey [A Profile]-I
Amarnama-A Perspective –II
[A Critical Appreciation]
The Milieu-III
English Translation – IV
Foot Notes