Global Flashpoints - Reactions to imperialism and neoliberalism

Global Flashpoints - Reactions to imperialism and neoliberalism

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Author: Leo Panitch
Colin Leys/Eminent Contributors
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): Bashir Abu-Manneh/Gilbert Achcar/Aijaz Ahmad et al
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 362
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187496755


New forces of resistance have emerged to both American imperialism and neoliberalism. But how far do these forces represent a progressive alternative? This volume surveys the key flashpoints of resistance today.

The main arena of resistance to imperialism is the Middle East. Six essays explore the ambivalent nature of Islamic anti-imperialism, and the West’s crucial role in making it so significant, as well as the different forms it takes as a political creed, and they provide particular insight into the relationship between religion and politics today in Iraq, Palestine and Turkey.

Resistance to neoliberalism has seen most clearly in the ‘pink tide’ in Latin America. Seven essays evaluate the potential or lack of it for a 21st century socialism across the region, and especially in Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, and Argentina, while an interview with Joao-Pedro Stedile, leader of Brazil’s Landless People’s Movement, provides a unique perspective on class struggles in that country.

Three further essays look at recent reactions to neoliberalism and imperialism elsewhere in Eastern Europe, in France, and in the heart of empire, the United States itself. The volume concludes with a symposium: three leading left economists analyse neoliberalism as a global regime of social and political control and critically examine the left’s response to it.


Basher Abu-Manneh
Gilbert Achcar
Aijaz Ahmad
Gregory Albo
Sabah Alnasseri
Elmar Altvater
Edur Velasco Arregui
Yildiz Atasoy
Asef Bayat
Emilia Castorina
Ana Esther Cecena
Wes Enzinna
Marta Harnecker
Raghu Krishnan
Margarita Lopez Maya
Kim Moody
William Robinson
Richard Roman
Alfredo Saad-Filho
Joao Pedro Stedile
G.M. Tamas
Adrien Thomas


Leo Panitch Preface
Colin Leys
Aijaz Ahmad Islam, Islamisms and the West
Aseef Bayat Islamism and Empire: The Incongruous
Nature of Islamist Anti-Imperialism
Gilbert Acher Religion and Politics Today from a Marxian
Sabah Alnasseri Understanding Iraq
Bashir Abu-Manneh Israel’s Colonial Siege and the Palestinians
Yildiz Atasoy The Islamic Ethic and the Spirit of
Turkish Capitalism Today
William I. Robinson Transformative Possibilities in Latin America
Margarita Venezuela Today: A ‘Participative and
Lopez Maya Protagonistic’ Democracy?
Marta Harnecker Blows and Counterblows in Venezuela
Joao Pedro Stedile The Class Struggles in Brazil:
The Perspective of the MST
Wes Enzinna All We Want Is the Earth:
Agrarian Reform in Bolivia
Ana Esther Cecena On the forms of Resistance in Latin America:
Its ‘Native’ Moment
Richard Roman Mexico’s Oaxaca Commune
Edur Velasco Arregui
Emilia Castorina The Contradictions of ‘Democratic’
Neoliberalism in Argentina: A New Politics from ‘Below’?
G.M. Tamas Counter-Revolution against a
Counter-Revolution: Eastern Europe Today
Raghu Krishnan Resistance to Neoliberalism in France
Adrien Thomas
Kim moody Harvest of Empire: Immigrant Workers’
Struggles in the USA
Alfredo Saad-Filho Neoliberalism and the Left: A Symposium
Elmar Altvater
Gregory Albo