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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 163
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129112163


Potpourri is a collection of choicest stories from the treasure trove of the indisputable master storyteller Ruskin Bond. Covering an array of themes horror, romance, humour, crime and mystery these tales form an eclectic blend in this book.

Bond presents an evocative and affection memoir of vignettes of life in Mussoorie and other places he has visited, and introduces us to a rich cast of characters - his family, friends and those who have left a lasting impression on him.

The stories with their diverse themes and flavours try to paints a realistic portrait of life, peppered as it is with multiple hues. As such, it condenses the pleasure of almost ten books in one. While ‘He said it with Arsenic’ lends a wicked touch, ‘Love and Cricket’ adds a dash of romance to the compilation. ‘The Overcoat’ takes us on a supernatural trip, while ‘The Girl on the Train’ with its sudden twists, snaps us out of our humdrum existence.

Filled with warmth and gentle humour, this book captures the timeless rhythm of life in the mountains, adventures at sea, and thrill in an alien land. Hand-picked personally by Ruskin Bond, it is truly a collector’s item and a treat for all his fans.


Our Great Escape
Gone Fishing
Susanna’s Seven Husbands
On Fairy Hill
The Overcoat
Do You Believe in Ghosts?
A Face in the Dark
The Eyes of the Eagle
Bitter Gooseberries
Escape from Java
The Girl on the Train
He said it with Arsenic
Hanging at the Mango-Tope
Eyes of the Cat
A Little Song of Love
Binya Passes By
Love and Cricket
We Must Love Someone
At the Grave of John Mildenhall in Agra
Grandpa Fights an Ostrich
The Zigzag Walk
At Sea with Uncle Ken
My Failed Omelettes – and Other Disasters
From the Primaeval Past
In a Crystal Ball: A Mussoorie Mystery
A Job Well Done
The Earthquake
The Demon Driver