Sting in the Tale  -    A Thriller

Sting in the Tale - A Thriller

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Author: Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Kaveri Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 342
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174790927


There is a new player among terrorist factions in Kashmir: Ghazni Baba. And Inspector General Dashamlav has vowed to stop him at all costs.

The infamous Amaso, leader of the terrorist group responsible for the 9/11 bombings, and thus the key target in the American anti-terrorism campaign, has been spotted in the Kashmir area, and the Americans will stop at nothing to get him.

Mili, the spoilt reigning Bollywood actress, refuses to become “fodder for terrorists” when she discovers that her latest film is to be shot in Srinagar, Kashmir. However, the prospect of co-starring with Milind Kumar, Bollywood’s superstar icon, is enough persuasion.

These three groups are drawn together in Kashmir. Mili and Dhruv, a friend of Milind Kumar, are kidnapped by Amaso, and are held under cover of the worst snowstorm in living memory. It is under these circumstances that Amaso, Mili and Dhruv play out a modern version of the Arabian Nights. Dhruv, a professional storyteller, has three chances to tell a tale with an unforeseeable twist, to win his and Mili’s freedom. But can he do it before the snowstorm blows itself out?


Cat and Mouse
The Petals Unfold
Operation Hasina
The Half Introduction
The Storm
No Guns, Only Roses Enter Amaso
The Deal rules of the Game
64 Squares
A Game of Chess
White Bird, Black Shadow
The Woman in Black
Sting in the Tale
The Hurly Burly
The Final Challenge
The Denouement
The Hour’s is Night, The Moon is Split