Kashmir's Accession to India  -  Unravelling the Truth

Kashmir's Accession to India - Unravelling the Truth

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Author: D N Dhar
Publisher: Aravali Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 317
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181500814


For the last many decades, very vital questions of Kashmir’s accession to India were kept under wraps. These were the minutes of the Cabinet Defence Committee, which took very important decisions like airlifting military assistance to the people of Kashmir who were resisting Pakistani attack on their own and accepting the accession of Kashmir to India.

How the airlifting was opposed by the Service Chiefs who were all Britishers, how the onward march of India troops beyond Uri was stopped, how the encirclement of Punch by the enemy continued for a long time, how the Kashmir case was sent to the U.N.Security Council, why the bridges at Muzaffarabad were not blasted and other important questions continue to be a mystery because the minutes of the Cabinet Defence Committee were declared as classified documents.

These continue to be classified. But India Office Library has declassified those documents. The author has unraveled the truth by procuring the photo copies of these documents from London.

The work is well documented. It abounds with rich reference material

This work will prove a valuable asset for research scholars, teachers and students of universities in the disciplines of History, Political Science and Sociology. It will help parliamentarians and politicians to appreciate Kashmir problem in right perspective.


The Basics
Kashmiri Nationalism
Ideology Involved In Partition of The Country
Economic Content of The Political Struggle
Deep Rooted Animus against British Rule and Policy in Kashmir
The British Geo-strategic And Colonial Policy in Kashmir
British Defence Appreciations Prior To Grant of Independence
Kashmir Scene on the Eve of Accession
People Exercise the Choice
Peace Making Efforts
Power Politics in the Security Council