Weed  - We Are Kashmir's Weeds

Weed - We Are Kashmir's Weeds

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Author: Paro Anand
Publisher: IndiaInk
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 142
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788186939413


After Umer’s father leaves to join the jihadis, the family is pushed to the brink of poverty and desperation, but his mother will have nothing to do with her husband. The government and charities working in Kashmir, in their better wisdom, believe it is best not to offer sustenance to the children and wisdoms of militants. Isolated by society and trapped in adversity; Will the mother’s determination to turn her back on violence crumble/ Will umer go his father’s way? What choices will this family make?

Weed, a follow-up of the award winning No guns at My Son’s Funeral, is a hard-hitting exploration of uneasy questions that keep raising their insistent heads in the ‘war against terror’. Complex issues are examined through the innocence of a child caught in a web he never spun.


What’s so special about tonight?
The new man of the house
The empty shell of the day hung dry and dusty
The lie
Family secrets, family shame
Mists leave the earth’s lap
The disappearing face
A ficker of light
On the brink of a very hard truth
Everything changes
After the leaving
The truth comes out
A last ray
A whiff of freedom
Breaking away
Remembering what happiness is
Wounds and worries
The yearning night