Hopeless Honeymoon  - Imposing Pleasure Tale

Hopeless Honeymoon - Imposing Pleasure Tale

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Author: Puneet Kapoor
Publisher: AUTHOR
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 222
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175259232


Mr. Thompson was a 'kid' with semi-occasional skill up his sleeves. Despite of shedding '29' years of his wonderful life, he was still a 'virgin' and was exceptionally proud of his tributes. His untouched body was a matter of self-glory for him and the miraculous cause behind his sanctified purpose was his lethal seduction for a 'honeymoon'.

His fiancée Jenny was a comical product of a 'Sikh' family residing in London and the event got historic when a Catholic Christian got married to a Punjabi Sardar.

Jenny wasn't peerless as well and his desperate lover Michael was a hotel manager in Venice. Owing to strict family bondage, she wasn't able to deny the occasion but went for a grubby plot for the sake of her love.

Together the couple proceeded for the festivities and 'Venice' became the mighty spectator for the rare to be seen husband-wife-lover trio. It's the entire ' Godly Honeymoon', which suffered at last. Find out how!