Seeing is Believing - Selected Writings on Cinema

Seeing is Believing - Selected Writings on Cinema

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Author: Chidananda Dasgupta
Publisher: Penguin/Viking
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 295
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780670082063


From the advent of moving images more than 100 years ago to the multiple genres and mega projects of today, Indian cinema has really come a long way. The audience that earlier discarded this medium as a "world of make-believe" is now akin to critics whose verdict determines the success of a film. Even writing on cinema, once referred to as "yellow journalism" confined to the glossies, has transformed into a serious and respectable profession.

What's more, it has even infiltrated into the front-page territory! Fragmented Frames is a celebration of this change in perspective, as recorded by an eminent film critic, who has seen cinema developing and achieving greater heights over the three long decades. The book offers her reflections on various aspects ranging from mythology, theatre, television, superstition to literature, scandals, controversies and more. It provides a glimpse of this dream world, and at the same time, discusses certain 'real' issues associated with it.

The different articles on a variety of topics are a reflection of the many colours, trends, sections and seasons of show business.
— Karan Johar

Fearless and compassionate the author takes a stand on many relevant issues related to the film fraternity.
— Anil Kapoor


1. Reel v/s Real
2. Stumbling Skeletons
3. Remains of the Day
4. No Child’s Play
5. Once Upon A Time
6. Shift in Perspective
7. A Dancer and a Director
8. It’s Different
9. Cinema is Changing
10.A Magical Experience
11.Dignity in Pain
12.Whose Line is it Anyway?
13.Laws of Attraction
14.Patel v/s Patel
15.Raksha Bandhan and Films
16.Morality Baggage
17.Timeless Madan Mohan
18.Resurrecting a Classic
19.A Beautiful Mind
20.Readymade Superstars
21.Small is Big
22.Whose Party is it Anyway?
23.Devoid of Gimmicks
24.A Transforming Experience
25.Underestimating the Audience
26.Dons, Brawls and Court Cases
27.Scandals and Controversies
28.Sting Operations and Traditions
29.No Time for Ordinary
30.Terms of Endearment
31.Sensitising Towards Disabled
32.In the Name of Religion
33.Remarkable Men
34.No Smoking, Sorry, We are Indians
35.Postcard to Sarat Babu
36.Father Dear Father
37.Premier Culture
38.Hooked to Fame
39.Raining Controversies
40.KBC, All about Human Equations
41.Krishna and the Film Hero
42.Captain My Captain
43.Sex, Lies and Audiotapes
44.Are we abusing our Child Stars?
45.Politics or Films
46.Tulsi resides in the Hero’s Heart
47.Defining Year
48.Cinderella Romance
49.Entertainment for Enrichment
50.Love in Times of B&W… and Colour
51.Trial for Justice
52.Awards, Theirs and Ours
53.Family Affair
54.If Tomorrow Comes
55.An Actor and a Cause
56.Cross-Culture Romance
57.The Graduates
58.Mere Paas Ma Hai
59.Yeh Kashmir Hai
60.Contradictory Signals
61.God of Details
62.Returning to Fables
63.Audience is Changing
64.A Decade of Romance
65.Marriage means never having to say you are settled!
66.Distinctive Deity
67.Bapu Ne Kaha Tha - I
68.Bapu Ne Kaha Tha - II
69.Breaking the Jinx
70.Whose Life is it Anyway?
71.Conscience Crisis
72.Festival Diary
73.It’s about Self Worth
74.Have Reality Shows taken over our Lives?
75.No Escaping History
76.Whose Reputation is it Anyway?
77.Reality Bites
78.Invisible Middle Class
79.Hall of Fame
80.Voyeuristic Gaze
81.Scenes from a Marriage
82.Hey Ram
83.East v/s West
84.Fairy Tale Comes True
85.Cannes Calling
86.Food, Erotica and Compassion
87.Death of a Courtesan
88.The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
89.Guru-Shishya Parampara
90.Seven-year Itch
91.Come Back Yash Chopra
93.Man v/s Machine!